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I went into Bowenwork thinking "sure, I will give this a shot"... I was unaware of what to expect and what the result might be.  I have a long history of chronic migraines and I have tried everything and anything from medication, migraine injections, IV treatments, acupuncture and more.  So I was willing to give it a go when I was told about the good things of Bowenwork.  After a discussion with the practitioner of what Bowenwork could help with and how it could be beneficial to me, I had my first session.  I am not known to have the most patience, but as I lay there I felt "movement" in my body.  Best way to describe it is as a wave.  After my first session, I went back the following week and I could completely feel a change in my body and migraines.  After the second session, when the practitioner checked in with me asking how I was feeling, I immediately bursted back to her that WOW, I actually feel good!  I have not had to take migraine medication for days!  I can not even remember the last time I went migraine FREE.  The simplicity of what Bowenwork is, is outstanding.  The practitioner takes the time to understand the issue that I am having and uses her healing hands so I can go throughout my day without significant pain.  It is so hard to explain to others how Bowenwork acutally works but it does.  I am so thrilled that I gave it a try and opened my mind to new treatments for my migraines.  I highly recommend Bowenwork for migraines and so much more.

~Kristen S.  Windham

I have had massages on and off since I was a teenager.  My body tends to hold in a great deal of tension due to PTSD/Major Depression and ADHD.  Plus I have had cancer several times.  After a few sessions of massage and energy therapy my entire body was able to relax and I could feel a release in my entire body.  Since having these sessions I found out that the cancers have returned and I am living with Stage 4 Cancer.  I have to receive cancer treatments for the rest of my life.  My massage sessions are an important part of my treatment plan.  My cancer team wants and encourages me to get massage once a month.  I have also learned some tools from my therapist that help me take better care of my body between sessions.  Bodywork is crucial to my mental health during this time.

~Carol  Biddeford

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